Junk Removal in Temecula

Getting rid of junk is daunting and tiresome, and no one enjoys doing it. Moreover, removing waste from your property requires a large vehicle or trailer to transport everything to a dumping or recycling location. If you're located in Temecula and need help hauling your junk, ijunkHaul is a crew of skilled, professional movers who can clear up your clutter in no time.

We have over 12 years of experience cleaning up piles of junk from houses, garages, and construction sites. We're fully equipped with a fleet of trucks and trailers, varying in size to meet anyone’s hauling needs.

So, if you need help transporting your junk, contact our office at (951) 404-9641 for a risk-free quote.

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Full-Service Junk Removal Company

Here at ijunkHaul, we understand that junk comes in all shapes and sizes, and some waste is nearly impossible to dispose of. When you have a growing pile that needs to be hauled away, the moving process is much more complicated if you don’t have access to a large truck or vehicle. To meet the needs of our community, we're fully equipped to haul any amount of junk, regardless of the size and weight.

Our team of experienced movers is well-versed and skilled in moving many items, including:

  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Tires
  • Furniture
  • Dirt
  • …and more!

Keep in mind that this list doesn’t include everything we remove and haul, only some of the more common items our clients in Temecula are looking to have removed. If the dump and recycling center accepts what you have, we can haul it for you. 

If you would like to schedule a pickup or inquire about our prices, contact us today at (951) 404-9641. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

Competitively Priced Junk Hauling Service 

Here at ijunkHaul, the core goal we strive to meet daily is to provide the best service at an affordable rate. Keeping our rates competitive has become easier over the last 12 years we’ve been in business because we now own all our vehicles, drastically reducing operating costs. As a result, we pass the savings on to our customers. So, if you're looking for unmatched service at a rate that can't be beaten, we're the company for you.

Contact us today for your personalized risk-free quote. 

Thorough Junk Removal Service

When ijunkHaul is hired for junk removal service, our primary goal is to ensure your space is junk-free by the time we leave your property. From the moment we arrive, we’ll be all-hands-on-deck to gather and load every item you need to be removed, no matter how heavy or unwieldy. We utilize a coordinated team approach with everyone playing their part to be thorough as possible on every job we set out to do.

Don't hesitate to contact our office for a thorough junk removal service that will have your space clutter-free in no time.

Junk Removal Service with Flexible Scheduling

Considering how busy life can be, we’re proud to be so flexible with our services that we can work around anyone’s schedule. If you're a business owner and need us to come by before or after business hours, we can work with you on that. If you're a homeowner and prefer we come by before or after work, we’re happy to suit our arrival times to fit your request.

Since our first day in business, we've gladly worked around our clients' schedules to be as convenient as possible for them. We believe providing a flexible schedule is the best approach as it makes us accessible to everyone who requires a junk removal service.

Locally Preferred Junk Removal Company

From day one of being in business, we’ve striven to provide our customers with the best junk removal service they could imagine. Over the years, we've successfully risen through the ranks and have become among the best junk removal companies in the local area. We credit this success to our unwavering dedication to hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our local clients turn to us knowing that we're licensed and certified as junk removal experts and only hire the best in the industry.

Temecula’s Residential and Commercial Junk Removal

ijunkHaul proudly offers residential and commercial junk removal services in the Temecula area. Whether you're doing your annual home spring cleaning or renovating your commercial space, we can stop by and clean up the inevitable mess of a complete overhaul.

We're fully equipped with the necessary trucks and trailers to accommodate jobs of all sizes, and our employees are skilled in getting their work done as quickly as possible. When we're on-site, you can rest assured that your property will be respected, and nothing will be touched outside the items that need to be removed.

Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule our service.

We Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

We’re proud of the reputation we've built for our unmatched customer service. We strive to ensure all your requests are met and that you're nothing short of thrilled with your cleaned-out, newly emptied space when we leave. If you have any unusually shaped extra-large items that need to be removed, that won't be a problem. Our skilled movers will arrive at your property with appropriate trucks and trailers to accommodate any sized item.

Because we're always working on improving our customer service, we encourage you to contact our office if you have any issues. Your feedback helps us immediately rectify any issues and ensure they don't happen again.

Contact ijunkHaul for Efficient Junk Removal Service

If you’re located in Temecula and looking for a reputable junk removal company that will leave your property clean and clutter-free, contact ijunkHaul today. We’re a full-service provider with rates that can’t be beaten. Our team of expert movers is skilled in hauling large objects and is trained to remove any junk safely without damaging property. Whether you need us to remove items from your home or construction site, we have the trailers, trucks, and skills to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Save your time and back the heavy lifting by leaving it to the experts. We’re always ready to help! Contact our office today at (951) 404-9641 to schedule a pickup.